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Bulbophyllum Rita Lai

Discussion in 'Orchid Hybrids' started by Pawpaw, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. I bought a flask of Bulb. mastersianum x frostii the last time I was in Thailand and the three photos attached are the best from the flask. This cross has been named Bulb. Rita Lai.

    Eric Bulb. mastersianum x frostii 2.JPG Bulb. mastetsianum x frostii (4).JPG Bulb. mastersianum x frostii 2 (2).JPG
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  2. Kipper

    Kipper CoffeeCoffeeCoffee... Supporting Member

    Very nice!
  3. DPfarr

    DPfarr Well-Known Member

    Are they the size of frostii?
  4. No much bigger, the flowers are even bigger than Bulb. Mastersianum. They measure around 6 cm. the light form is about 5 cm and the bi- color is closer to 7 cm.

  5. seidenfaden

    seidenfaden Active Member

    Nice images Eric. I think that the third image looks closer to B. mastersianum