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Bulbo. frostii primary hybrids

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by PerpetualIrish, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. PerpetualIrish

    PerpetualIrish New Member

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    Looking for divisions of Bulbo. frostii primary hybrids for a community type project I am working on. Below are some of the hybrids I am interested in. Thanks for looking.

    Crownpoint (frostii x rothschildianum)
    Meen poison raspberry ( frostii x bicolor)
    Meen Juvenile Hawk (fascinator x frostii)
    Meen echo gecko (Lasiochillum x frostii)
    Purple slippers (frostii x guttalutum )
    A-doribil gnome (frostii x gracilimum)
    A-doribil ring (frostii x dentiferum)
    A-doribil gem (lepidum x frostii)
    Sagarik (lobbii x frostii)