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Black dots, dying plant

Discussion in 'Issues, Disease and Pests' started by Chelsea0303, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Chelsea0303

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    Please help! I've been googling solutions for weeks and can't find anything that looks exactly right. I bought a healthy and happy zns. Murasakikomachi from an orchids greenhouse in December. When I brought it home I made the mistake of putting it in front of a heater with no light and it started to turn black so I moved it to a spot with lots of light and a humidifier, and started watering it a bit more. Months later and I've lost almost all of the leaves...they get black speckled on the underside of the leaf, which spread to the top as the leaf turns yellow (I did the tissue paper test, not bugs). The base of the leaf (the beige part covering the bulb) is becoming speckled, and I just found that one of the bulbs was black. I'd be extremely appreciative of any help!!!

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  2. carl

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    Sooutheastern Pencilvania
    Are the dying parts soft, or hard? If soft, probably bacteria, if hard, likely fungus, but that is just a generality.

    You need to cut off the diseased parts until you get to clean tissue, then take another, sterile, blade, and make one more cut. Keep in mind that as you cut, sap from the diseased areas will be on the blade, and that's why the final cut with a sterile blade.

    You should also probably remove the plant from it's pot, and inspect the roots. If you have healthy roots, you can repot, but if you have no healthy roots, you need to clean up the dead roots, and keep the plant on the dry side, but in a humid environment with a good breeze.

    Note, I am not a horticultural expert, nor do I play one on TV.