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Barbosella orbicularis culture

Discussion in 'Orchid Culture' started by Jon, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Jon

    Jon Mmmm... bulbophyllum...

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    Denver CO, USA
    Anyone successfully growing barbosella orbicularis? Wanna share culture tips?
  2. flyingSquirrel

    flyingSquirrel Member

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    Seattle Area
    Over 4 years late, but in case anyone comes across this looking for the info....

    Growing mine like so:

    In a paludarium (a terrarium where upper part is wood and moss wall, bottom is 1/3 as a bog and water area)
    High humidity (don't know the numbers)
    Warm temps - Low 70's at night, mid 70's day
    Low to medium light
    A little air movement
    Pure long fibered sphagnum substrate
    Growing mostly horizontal, as an epiphyte near top of terrarium wall
    Evenly moist, with occasional slightly dry day, and occasional heavy watering
    Fertilize every week, alternating 20-10-20 grow more, and 1/2 strength miracle grow
    Started small, but over a couple years has spread to a decent size mat. Finally got a few blooms this year.

    Very awesome little mini.
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  3. Tom-DE

    Tom-DE Well-Known Member Supporting Member

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    I agree it grows better on horizontal position... but I grow mine under cooler temperature(55-75F), bright shade, mounted on bare cork(no moss at all, but you may need a little while you just mount the fresh division), good air movement, good rh and dry out slightly between watering.
    It can bloom anytime of the year.
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