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Angraecum leonis

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by tenman, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. tenman

    tenman Well-Known Member

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    Two spikes again this year; five flowers if they all develop and open. It was a difficult grower and reluctant bloomer until a couple years ago; I think it just wanted to be big before taking off. About to bring it into the house for the night to perfume the bedroom with its wonderful fragrance. I have a sleep disorder so I'm often awake all or most of the night so I really appreciate these night-fragrant orchids! I keep it hung up high for maximum light and keep it wet. It has grown some 24" long branching aerial roots dangling from the plant over the side of the pot. Not sure if this is the norm or not; it's behind the vandas and I mist them heavily daily so maybe it just likes the overspray. leonis1218.jpg leonisfull12189.jpg
  2. Ted Baenziger

    Ted Baenziger Member

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    Houston, Texas
    Angraecum leonis (Rchb.f.) André, Rev. Hort. (Paris) 57: 294 (1885) * Aeranthes leonis Rchb.f. (1882). My sources say it is from the Comoros Islands, between Madagascar and the African mainland (Mozambique) up to 3000 ft., but also from much lower on Madagascar itself, in the North. The area has a monsoonal climate so it gets lots of rain and then, not as much. Your plant looks very healthy, and since it is blooming well, you must be doing everything right! Roots out in the air are not a problem, except when they drip on your bed at night. You might want to take it to a safer place to water it. Oh, and light levels are important. See this link for great information: Angraecums...: Angraecum leonis
  3. naoki

    naoki Well-Known Member

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    Fairbanks, Alaska
    Very nice! I'm growing Madagascar form, and it seems to grow at a leisurely pace. But I guess each leaf is quite thick and substantial, so that might be why I feel that they don't make many new leaves.