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Angraecum erectum

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by gg68, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. gg68

    gg68 Angraecoid addict

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  2. Marni

    Marni Well-Known Member Staff Member Supporting Member

    What a great presentation!
  3. Second to the last photo reminds me of a bird in flight! Great growing!
  4. gg68

    gg68 Angraecoid addict

    I've just crossed it with Angraecum pungens.
    Has anyone already seen this cross blooming??
  5. Uluwehi

    Uluwehi angraecoids + dendrobiums, mainly Supporting Member

    Oh Gilles! It is marvellous! Well done :D

    So many flowers, such a healthy plant. I also quite like the green cast your flowers have, a contrast to most erectum seen here in the US which have a peach-pink cast.

    Sounds wild, I've never heard of this cross but it will certainly be interesting!