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Angraecum didieri

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by GaryYG, Jun 6, 2020.

  1. GaryYG

    GaryYG Active Member

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    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
    During the Orchid Conservation Alliance tour to Madagascar in September 2019, some of us managed to find this plant of Angraecum didieri in Vakona Forest, Andasibe. This habitat was forested with trees that provided light shade and the elevation was at around 940 m altitude.

    This particular plant was epiphytic but was not well-rooted to the host tree.


    Another view of the same flower shows more of the elongate stem as well as the short broad glossy leaves. It may not be very obvious, but I noticed in this image that the leaves have a white-speckled or almost white-pitted surface.


    Superficially, these flowers look a lot like Angcm. rutenbergianum. It must come as no surprise that the name Angcm. didieri has been misapplied to many cultivated plants of Angcm. rutenbergianum.
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  2. Mikhail kujawa

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    Golden, CO
    Stunning! Thank you for sharing this. Nice to see the actual plant. The leaves and stem are very different to Angcm. rutenbergianum.