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2011 High-Tech Society Award Nominees!

Discussion in 'Everything Else Orchid' started by epiphyte, Apr 28, 2011.

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    Each year I think we should give an award to the society that most effectively utilizes technology to help facilitate their mission. Doing so will help other societies become more aware of what internet based resources are available to them.

    The following is a list of societies that I would like to nominate for the award. If you know of any other tech-savvy societies please nominate them and describe their use of technology.

    There are still some societies that remove members from their e-mail distribution list if they haven't paid their dues! Yikes! Here are a couple societies that make it easy for anybody to join their e-mail distribution lists...
    South Bay Orchid Society
    Sacramento Orchid Society

    MagCloud is a website owned by Hewlett Packard that allows people to publish their magazines for free. The Orange County Orchid Society is the first society to take advantage of this resource. Each month a photo of the Judge's Choice Award winner is used for the cover of their newsletter. For the cost of postage, the editor of the magazine receives one proof copy which she presents to the award recipient at the following month's meeting.
    Orange County Orchid Society

    RSS feeds
    RSS feeds allow people to subscribe to websites. On one central webpage (feed reader) people can see relevant new content from their favorite websites. Orchid societies can easily create an RSS feed by starting a group on flickr for their orchid society. People can then RSS subscribe to the feed for the group's discussion section.
    Discussion Section for Orchid Society of Southern California

    Not sure which society was the first to create a page on facebook but the most "liked" (258) society on facebook is by far the New Hampshire Orchid Society...
    New Hampshire Orchid Society

    Once a society receives enough "likes" they can customize and simplify their URL. For example... http://www.facebook.com/TriangleOrchidSociety

    With 58 members and 1,225 photos, the Orchid Society of Southern California by far has the greatest presence on flickr...
    OSSC on Flickr

    Flickr API
    Taking advantage of the Flickr API allows societies to display dynamic photo galleries on their website...
    OSSC Photo Gallery

    Badges/Widgets allow content from one website to be displayed on another website...aka syndication. This is generally a mutually beneficial arrangement because the "borrowing" website receives relevant content and the "loaning" website receives links/traffic from the website that is borrowing its content.

    For example, here you can see that the Orchid Society of Santa Barbara has a badge that dynamically displays the OSSC flickr discussion section...
    Orchid Society of Santa Barbara

    The St Augustine Orchid Society most likely has the most videos on YouTube...
    Keiki Club for Orchid Beginners
    March 5, 2011 Ace Repotting Clinic
    St Augustine Orchid Society Meetings

    Google Ads
    Google Ads can provide an additional source of revenue for an orchid society...
    Southern Ontario Orchid Society

    Affiliate of Amazon
    Affiliating with Amazon can also provide an additional source of revenue for an orchid society. Before I purchase any product on Amazon, I first click on the Amazon link displayed on the OSSC website. That way the OSSC receives a portion of the revenue.
    Orchid Society of Southern California

    Paypal is a very convenient way to make payments online. I believe the Sacramento Orchid Society was the first society to setup a paypal account...
    Join the Sacramento Orchid Society

    Two other societies that allow you to pay your dues via paypal are the...
    San Diego County Orchid Society and the
    Orchid Society of Greater St. Louis

    Google Analytics
    Google Analytics is a free and very helpful way for society webmasters to keep track of where visitors to the society website are coming from. This information can easily be shared with the person in charge of publicity. For example, if you click on the above links to the society websites...if those websites utilize Google Analytics...this forum will be listed as a referrer.
    Google Analytics Report for the OSSC

    Google Library
    The OSSC is the first society to add their library to Google Library. This allows people to search the contents of the OSSC library via Google.
    OSSC Library via Google