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  1. Tyson
    Tyson Raven
    For this one, I would also consider sending a Mexipedium xerophyticum, though you probably already have it. I can see what is divisible if you let me know what you're looking for. Fingers crossed you still have a piece left. I am also still looking for Den. cyanocentrum blue, agathodaemonis red and others. Darn character limit! Best, Tyson
  2. Tyson
    Tyson Raven
    I noticed your post for trades, and I am very interested in the Sophronitis pygmaea! I have a lot of things I could potentially trade for it, Den. cuthbertsonii divisions, freshly deflasked top-notch Soph. wittigiana round form, established Lepanthes disticha, Pleurothallis longirepens, Stanhopea tigrina, gastrochilus fuscopunctatus seedlings, leads from C. walkeriana 'monte azul,' and also Nepenthes species.
  3. Tyson
    Tyson Raven
    Hi Kyryll,
    How are things? hope those Lepanthes are doing well for you! That cuthbie yellow from you didn't make it sadly, but I got some in from Germany to fill the void, and they are thriving. Also that L. mariposa flask from didn't yield anything, the flask was starving when they sent it, and none of the seedlings made it.
  4. DarleneJay
    DarleneJay RustyExotics
    Hi Nicholas. If you are interested in one of the Habenaria carnea alba. Please let me know. I am happy to sell or trade one.
    1. RustyExotics
      Thank you for the offer! However, I actually found and purchased one earlier this year. I may come to you later though, because I only have one at the moment and I'm always open to introducing new genetics into my collection for breeding. Thank you!
      Oct 30, 2018
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  5. Jerry/No. CA
    Jerry/No. CA
    Does anybody remember Jerry's Grow?!
  6. Rachel Moore
    Rachel Moore Chris.c147
    Interested in the maxillaria refuensis if it’s still available!
  7. Heather Babcock
    Heather Babcock
    How do I lost my ORCHIDS?
  8. Markedg
    Markedg Ray
    Hi Ray,
    Thanks for your response in regards led lights. How big an area would one of those white led flood lights take? I would assume they would be able to both grow and flower my plants? Would you happen to have a picture of your setup? I would say I would have at least 50-75 plants I would want to keep. Would one, say 300W, be enough to grow and bloom this many plants? Again thanks for your reply.
  9. KarenK
    Hello All! Have enjoyed all the posts over the last few years and I love orchids!
  10. ihehimob
  11. Danielle Dampied
    Danielle Dampied
    je suis complètement folle des orchidées. je vis aux Antilles Française dans les Caraïbes
  12. Danielle Dampied
    Danielle Dampied KellyW
    hello kellyW , nice too meet you. my english very bad.
  13. bcvbhg9
  14. bcvbhg9
  15. bcvbhg9
  16. bcvbhg9
  17. Rajitha Siriwardena
    Rajitha Siriwardena naoki
    Wow, Thanks guys for welcoming me. Yes, I think some varieties of Vanda might have some trouble. At the same time, many Vanda is thriving here. I hope to try and see. does anyone have this electric blue hue in any cultivars?
  18. John Klinger
    John Klinger birdbrain
    I do not know what type of orchid it is. The bloom looks some what like a Phael but the plant itself is beyond me. The photo is some what blurry, a clear photo may help. The best I can do, sorry.
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    2. birdbrain
      Thank you. I do not understand "forums" so let me apologize before hand. I hope that I'm not breaking any forum rules which I have read. Actually I think all 3 of my babies are phals. I repotted #2 about a week ago I was terrified but all seems good. I have a keike on her. There all looking good.
      Mar 26, 2018
  19. Rajitha Siriwardena
    Rajitha Siriwardena pacome
    Dear Alen,
    My name is Rajitha Siriwardena and I am an amateur orchid grower from Sri Lanka. I am captivated by the possibility of growing a true blue Vanda. Do you have Vanda coerulea of truly blue in color? Thanks for that beautiful image.
  20. Tyson
    Tyson Chris.c147
    Hi Chris! Do you still have the Bulbophyllum polliculosum for sale? Thanks! Tyson