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  1. Steve B
    Steve B Monet's Garden
    Look on the web.orchid flower anatomy. There you see the column with the pollenia which you know how to knock off on top. Directly underneath this area on the column is the stigma which is often sticky and is where you need to stick the pollenia to fertilize the plant. The pollenia should stick on here for you if the flower is ready. Then after a few days the flower will fold up if you got this done correctly.
    1. Monet's Garden
      Monet's Garden
      Thank you for this! I'll have a look at the plant again tonight.
      Jun 7, 2017
  2. orchidnut
    orchidnut Marni
    Marni: I don't know if I'm ready to deal with plants right out of the flask. Is it very difficult/any special considerations? How many years to bloom? I'm a senior citizen. God I crack myself up.
    1. Marni
      Lycastes are not easy to get out of flask. I'd say 3 to 5 years to bloom. I too am a senior citizen and still making crosses.
      Jun 3, 2017
  3. orchidnut
    orchidnut Marni
    Marni: You seem to be the go to gal for Lycaste Skinneri Alba. Do you have any of these plants for sale?
    I'm losing my mind trying to find it. My wife's from Guatemala and I'll be there 6/21/17 but I'm told you can't buy them. It's illegal as it's the national flower. No wonder my brother in law gave me "alba" cuff links. lol
    1. Marni
      I only sell plants on ebay, but I do sell flasks and I have skinneri alba in flask. Not sure if I have any that are ready to come out of flask, but if you would be interested, I could check.
      Jun 2, 2017
    2. Marni
      I don't think it isn't illegal to buy them, it is probably illegal take it out of the country.
      Jun 3, 2017
  4. TheKellylove
    Orchidist extraordinaire
  5. Ricardo
    Conservation Biologist
  6. Tom Smith
  7. Marni
    Marni Tom Smith
    Kelly sent you a message. You can find the inbox in the top right, click on that and you will find the message. Let me know if you have more any trouble.
  8. Marni
    I am in the middle of a project right now, but this evening should be able to post something.
  9. Tom Smith
    Tom Smith Marni
    NNeed some help !now what do I do ? My computer and I are not friendly. I would like to participate but can't seem to find any rules of procedure.
  10. MJZ
    MJZ Chuck-NH

    Thanks for the info. Looks very interesting. Wonder which type of air conditioners it will work with. Some do not work well in a hot area.

    1. Chuck-NH
      I wonder if you told them what you were trying to do and where you are located, perhaps they could suggest specific models?
      Apr 4, 2017
  11. tong tsu shi
    tong tsu shi rico
    Btw, I forgot to tell you that he is ADORABLE!!!!
    1. rico
      Apr 4, 2017
  12. tong tsu shi
    tong tsu shi rico
    Nice Gecko!!!
    Is it a Lepord Gecko?
    1. rico
      No, he is a Crested Gecko, but they do look somewhat similar.
      Apr 3, 2017
  13. erickange
    Hi everyone. I'm new on this forum and I'm glad to take part of it. I grow orhids since 20 years and it is the biggest passion of my life.
  14. tong tsu shi
    tong tsu shi naoki
    I was wondering if you like Bonsai?
  15. Adele
    Just another orchid addict hoping to learn more about these wonderful plants. I am an undergraduate student studying plant sciences.
  16. Kipper
    Kipper KellyW
    Hi Kelly, Don't you have a Habenaria medusa? I got one last year and it is just putting up a small pip. Do you begin watering as soon as you see growth on yours or do you wait a bit? Thanks Kipper
  17. MmeRose
    MmeRose Kipper
    Him Kipper, I am interested in one of your D, fredericksianum keikis, if you have any left. I'm in upstate New York, zip code 13320. I hope you have some, if so, pleas let me know about the shipping cost. Thanks, Lore
  18. Kipper
    Kipper jai
    Hi Jai, How's the terrarium box going? Kipper
    1. jai
      Great ! Temperatures stable and great humidity.
      Feb 11, 2017
  19. Kipper
    Kipper Marni
  20. Kipper
    Kipper KellyW
    1. KellyW
      Yes, I still have it. If it blooms I will certainly do an update. It is a favorite of mine. I have tried selfing it but it hasn't taken and I'm terrified to try dividing it.
      Feb 11, 2017
      Kipper likes this.
    2. Kipper
      Don't do it! Let it grow!
      Feb 11, 2017