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  1. martinstoj4
  2. Pawpaw
    Pawpaw Chuck-NH
    Hi Chuck, my computer crashed at Xmas and I lost everything. Saw your Spa. lobbii photo, did I send the Spathoglottis to you back then? If so have any others flowered for you?
    1. Chuck-NH
      Yes...that is one of yours! I did bloom one other last year...I will have to look up the photo. I’m hoping to get a more significant blooming this year for many of them as they are all nicely dormant now. My computer crash was in October...still haven’t gotten completely out of that mess.
      Jan 13, 2021
  3. Andy Atkins
    Andy Atkins Chuck-NH
    I saw an older post of yours showing the beautiful Coelygne ecarinata. Is that a plant you might have a division of for sale, at some point in the future? Thanks so much! -Andy Atkins
    1. Chuck-NH
      Yes, sometime in the Spring after blooming is done - Chuck
      Jan 12, 2021
  4. Leslie Mullikin
    Leslie Mullikin
    "Growing Orchids" is it's own Genus!
  5. pegasus027
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  6. Sabinchen
    My Garden is my soul
  7. peterlilie
    peterlilie Marni
    Hello Marni, I have seeds of the Platanthera ciliaris, unfortunately it is very bad to sow in vitro without the appropriate fungus. Do you know how to germinate them?
    thanks and greetings from switzerland peter sends
  8. amthanhsukien
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  9. J E
    J E
    instagram: @jaimegotplants
  10. nhacaibdtt
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  12. J E
    J E
    My photography skills aren't good enough for this forum check my instagram i post there @jaime_pero_afuera
  13. dex356
    dex356 JohnsonS
    Hi... Do you still have divisions of your creeping orchids to trade?
    Thanks, Dexter
  14. martinstoj
  15. martinstoj
  16. solardaxin
    Chuyên gia về đèn năng lượng mặt trời
  17. Iris
  18. Michelle Justice
    Michelle Justice
    Hello, I'm new to forums and new to phalaenopsis orchids. I'm hoping for some expert advice =) I have 2 orchids in need of some extra TLC.
  19. thegioixedien
    chuyên phân phối xe điện số 1 Việt Nam
  20. Francis Freddy
    Francis Freddy
    I am new here. Hope to learn more about orchids