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  1. jameslee22
    jameslee22 Marni
    Marni, I would love to pick you brain about my phalaenopsis orchid and the difference between a terminal spike and a keiki. I cannot seem to figure out the difference or identify what is growing from my plant. Thanks in advance!
    1. Marni
      I just posted an answer before I saw this. I don't grow a lot of phals, but I think more people on the forum will be able to contribute too.
      Jul 1, 2020 at 5:24 PM
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    2. jameslee22
      I just saw that! Can you direct me to someone who knows more about phals and could help me out? Thanks!
      Jul 2, 2020 at 12:05 PM
  2. diennuocnhatlong
    Chào các bạn đến với Điện Nước Nhất Long
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  6. Paul Bernardeau
    Paul Bernardeau DarleneJay
    Hi Darlene, I would like to purchase the compot of Catt aclandiae alba.
  7. Johngreen
    Johngreen Tyson
    Hi Tyson
    I have read on an older post that you were considering ordering Psychopsis sanderae flasks from Biorquitropic in Peru. Did you ever do it? If you did, how are the plants doing?
    If possible, send me a reply directly to my email if you can: [email protected]
  8. chadders
    Retired dentist Practiced in Healdsburg, CA . Growing and collecting orchids since 1985. Avid bird watcher around the world. .
  9. Maryanne
    Maryanne Chuck-NH
    Hello Chuck - Did you happen to send a Laelia cross to the Amherst Orchid Society Show Feb 22-23, 2020? I admired Lc Jhoenmy Hermo, and another NH OS member thought it might be yours. Being a Laelia fanatic, I am wondering if there is a source for another plant. Please let me know : -) I always enjoy your orchid photos : -) Best wishes, Maryanne in Massachusetts
    1. Chuck-NH
      Hi Maryanne...wasn’t me ☹️. But I’ll see if I can find out. I was at the San Francisco show, so don’t know exactly who contributed. Chuck
      Feb 26, 2020
  10. CjB
    CjB Brent W
    Hi I just joined and wrote a profile but I am unable to post it.
  11. lethuha
    Khang Phú Đạt Audio là đơn vị hàng đầu cung cấp thiết bị âm thanh chất lượng. Tiêu biểu phải kể đến các dòng main 2 kênh, 4 kênh giá tốt
  12. cattien
    Dich vu sua dien nuoc tai nha 0973982818
  13. Brian R Bruning
    Brian R Bruning kiwiorchidkid
    I'm still looking to buy a Winikia orchid. Please contact me.
  14. lacviet audio
    lacviet audio
    Lạc Việt Audio cung cấp sản phẩm thiết bị âm thanh chính hãng
  15. Antonio R. Martins
    Antonio R. Martins Marni
    Hi Marni. I'm from Brazil and new to this Forum. I loved the photos of Promenaea guttata you post. Congratulations. Most Promenaea species are somehow difficult to find out in Brazil, a paradox, isn't that?!.
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  16. Teyo Jerge
    Teyo Jerge Ray
    Hi Ray,
    I found reference to you and Ecoweb. I was hoping you were still in the business or willing to direct me to a source. I am in a pinch, high visibility install rapidly approaching, the prototype is failing, and I believe ecoweb is key to making it a success. would you mind calling when you have a moment?
    Matthew Jerge
  17. sachmoGT1
    I'm learning!!!
  18. Brian R Bruning
    Brian R Bruning Chuck-NH
    I'm looking for some NZ orchids. You mentioned Russel Hutton of L&R. He may still be there, maybe not. Do you have an email address for him?
    I'm looking high and low for Winkia (Dendrobium) cunninghamii and Earina autumnalis. Any chance you have them?
  19. Brian R Bruning
    Brian R Bruning kiwiorchidkid
    Do you have this Dendrobium cunninghamii in your collection? I'm in California where the climate is similar but I must irrigate in summer, No frost in decades and then it was about -3C. I want to buy one of these and have PayPal or can do a transfer from account.
  20. truongphattech
    Chuyên cung cấp máy phát điện nhập khẩu chính hãng